Monday, July 25, 2005

Whalid Phares UK Field Trip

Walid Phares, professor of Middle East Studies at Florida Atlantic University, sent an interesting and eye-opening report to The Counterterrorism Blog about a "sociological field trip" he took throughout Britain in 1999:

The Jihadists have penetrated the country since the end of the cold war. Any expert in the field would have understood as of the mid 1990s that the systematic spread of the Salafi ideology and its activists in the UK was to end up in Terrorism. It was ineluctable that the British dar al Harb [war zone] had to be attacked at some point; especially when many among its elites –inside academia or its political establishment- were confirming what the Islamists were convinced of: That the country was indeed evil, and it needed justice. An Allah administered justice. But while British elite-apologists aimed, such as MP George Galloway, at changes in Foreign policy, their Jihadi sympathizers aimed at the British people while attending their daily lives on July 7.

Read the whole thing.


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