Saturday, July 09, 2005

Oh, Come On

Let me preface this post with this: I think the New York Times is a very valuable newspaper, and its international coverage is probably the best in the world. Yet, sometimes its overt liberal bias makes you want to snap your lap top in half over your knee in an animalistic fit of political road rage. Case in point: The Week in News item in the Sunday Times' Week in Review section. Charting the all-encompassing emotional, athletic and national roller coaster Great Britain has been on this past week (from getting the 2012 Olympic bid, to hosting the G8 summit - and one of the Live 8 concerts - to the barbarity on 7/7), the folks at the Times write this:

The News
Bombers struck London in the Thursday morning rush hour. Terror again trumped triumph, and the faces of grief overtook those of joy.

Behind the News Britain's week had begun in a spirit of celebration, anticipation and resolve, with a variety of sports and entertainment and political events drawing the avid interest of the world. Euphoria entered the equation on Wednesday, when London won its bid to hold the Olympics. But the 2012 victory lap lasted scarcely 24 hours, ending abruptly with the bombings on the London Underground and on one of the signature red double-decker buses. The bombings also diverted attention from the G8 agenda, which itself had been intended, in part, to divert attention from the Blair-Bush lock step in the war on terrorism.

Where the hell do you get this from? How does the Times reach this conclusion, that the G8 agenda was supposed to "divert attention" from the terror war? We all know this G8 was about Africa, and not about "diverting attention" from Bushitler and his poodle Blair's war for Mideast petroleum. Blair has made Africa a priority and decided to use this G8 to focus on Africa. The way the Times writes this line implies the war on terror is a political burden for Blair, and his un-holy alliance with George W. Bush is costing him dearly - even though he was re-elected to a record third term in office in May. The sneering phrase, "Blair-Bush lock step in the war on terrorism," is itself revealing about the article's author, which is simply "THE NEW YORK TIMES". Maybe I'm just a paranoid right-winger looking for a fight in over-analyzing one sentence of a Week in Review article, but sometimes it's good to put this kinda stuff on the table for everyone to see.


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