Monday, April 11, 2005

Press Conference in the Dirt

Of the many reasons why I love George W. Bush: an "open collar" press conference with Ariel Sharon in the dirt (literally) at the Crawford ranch, while wearing cowboy boats.

Other reasons why I love W include: the customary Ford F-350-tour -around-the-Crawford-ranch with world leader X; the cactus theme; the "open collar" dress down for the White House staff, as well; W's giant belt buckle; and, of course, W clearin' brush at Prairie Chapel. How bad ass is that shot?

If you think I'm "making light" of all this, you're wrong - except for maybe all the cacti. Honestly, this is what I love about Bush. This whole swaggering, cowboy aura he gives off that pisses off all those tweedy, uptight professors/intellectuals, elite media-types and Eurocrats/limp-wrist publics just makes my day. He does things his way, in his environment - and he's damn proud of it.

Cockiness? No. Arrogance? No. Confidence? You bet. You think he gives a flip about his low poll numbers? Doubt it. He's too busy spendin' all that political capital right now.

Ok, enough Bush fawning. The Times gets into the meat of the Bush-Sharon meeting. Full press conference t-script here (with more Crawford pics! - sorry)


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