Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Friedman firing blanks?

And the battle of the two most ardent advocates for globalization has begun. Tom Barnett launches this assault on the Tom Friedman article I linked to the other day:

"If Friedman thinks that telling everyone about outsourcing is going to make for a great book, then I think he's run out of ideas completely. But I'm sure the book is full of Geo-Green and a host of other kewl phrases he's worked to death in his columns. But just stringing those together with all his "conversations" with famous people gets a bit tiresome. I really feel like he's in a rut and needs to change jobs or something to get back to what he once did. He's becoming a hybrid Andy Warhol/Rooney on globalization: either too poppy or too cranky."

Strange how, even though I buy both guys' general arguments, I took something away from Friedman's piece, while Barnett didn't. I'm gonna read both of their new books and then come to my own conclusion.


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