Monday, March 14, 2005

International Ban on Stupidity

Alright, the Madrid conference on terrorism last week was not only a complete waste of time, but also a waste of European taxpayers' hard-earned euros. After three full days, comprised of conferences, discussion groups and seminars attended by 200 experts and academics from more than 50 countries, the final product is the brainchild now known as, “The Madrid Agenda.” What is it you may ask? The Americans are obviously incapable of combating terrorism, for it only “produces more terrorists than you can find,” according to Argentine entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky. What have the Europeans cooked up in their kitchen that only serves main courses of high-mindedness with a side a moral superiority? Let me tell you; a call for a comprehensive treaty banning terrorism… wow… sheer brilliance.

According to a National Public Radio broadcast by Jerome Socolovsky, highlighting the differences between Europe’s and the United States’ approach to terrorism, Spanish prosecutor Carlos Castrasana stated, “we have a lot of people arrested here, we have a lot of people indicted, mostly the group behind the terrorist attack has been dismantled. And in the case of the United States, even Osama Bin Laden himself has not been indicted after September 11th.” Hey Carlos, since when is this a competition about numbers? And if it is, you are losing. For the United States has in fact indicted far more terrorists than Spain. Not to mention the fact that there are nearly 2,700 detainees in Abu Ghraib alone. If Spain is so advanced and capable, you go out and get Osama. Or here’s an idea, maybe if some countries, which I will leave unmentioned, were willing to help participate in the international effort, he may have already been caught. Castrana’s statement was seen on behalf of Spain as a vindication of the idea that law enforcement not war is the key to combating terrorism.

Now give me a break, give me a break, give me a break off of that freakin’ Kit-Kat bar. If this is the type of material that Spain and Europe as a whole are capable of producing, I guess we really are in more trouble than I imagined. A five-year-old is capable of deciphering better plans from the random arrangement of letters in his Alphabets soup. So once again, let’s just leave everything to the criticism of the Europeans while they kick their feet up poolside drinking margaritas while others are out there getting their hands dirty.

*NOTE – The above sarcasm is only directed at certain European actors, you know who you are.


Blogger Joe said...

Classic "Head In Sand" thinking. What a great photo of El Presidente!
The Horse's Mouth.

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