Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Afghan Warrior

Via Chrenkoff. It looks like we have the first Afghan blogger up and running. Waheed, the Afghan Warrior introduces himself:

"I would like to say hello to all bloggers. My name is Waheed. I am a 20 year old male from Afghanistan and I have been working with the US Army in Kabul, Afghanistan as an interpreter for the last 2 years. Our base is located inside the ANA (Afghan National Army) Central Corps and the US officers train the ANA. I would like to thank my friend Paul Edwards who persuaded me to start my blog and send the real news from Afghanistan. The situation in Afghanistan is getting better day by day. There are still some fights in the southern provinces and also near the Pakistan border. The ANA and US Army fight against them, but the enemy is weak and they just carry out guerilla attacks and then escape."

20 years old. He's the future of his country.

In a column I wrote for the Daily Collegian back in September, I drew the obvious parallel between the number of gold medals a country wins and its economic development. Check it out here. I concluded with this note:

"In Athens, Robina Muqimyar, one of two women who competed for Afghanistan, ran the 100 meter dash in 14.14 seconds. American Lauryn Williams clocked in at 10.96 seconds to win the silver medal. That difference is a gaping 3.18 seconds. That difference is symbolic of how far countries like Afghanistan have to go to catch up with everyone else.

"But Muqimyar isn't worried. 'I'm going to train harder and I hope to have the facilities in Afghanistan,' she told the Associated Press. 'I will really get ready for the 2008 Olympic Games. I hope I can win a medal, at least a bronze medal.'

"I hope she does, and that her country is as optimistic as she is."

It looks like we've got two Afghans who, despite their circumstances, are probably more optimistic and hopeful about their future than most Europeans, at least according to various public opinion polls.


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