Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Zapatero's Paradoxical Polices

I found this Miami Herald article quite striking, considering how succinctly it outlines some of the "Shoemaker's" more interesting foreign policy decisions since taking office last year. As mentioned by the article, his troubles probably began by the freezing of relations with Washington following the immediate removal of troops from Iraq. As if to add to a basic anti-Americanism, he childishly remained seated while an American flag passed during a parade. The following are the points emphasized by the article:

  • After assumming power, Zapatero backed out on a deal in order to supply Colombia with several old airplanes and a few armored vehicles in order to help defeat the communist narco-guerrillas and the paramilitaries. He then suddenly flip-flopped to a tree-huggin' hippy style and used the argument "Those were machines to kill, and what Colombia needed was peace and harmony." HOWEVER, Zapatero sells Chávez's Venezuela several heavily armed warships that were built in good ole' Galicia. Come on now bud...
  • Zapatero's foreign policy has now been redirected toward the EU in an effort to "ease its moral and political pressure on the Cuban dictatorship." Immediately assuming power, Cuban diplomats fled to Zapatero asking to eliminate some "symbolic" sanctions that were harming the morale of their ruling structure. Zapatero agreed; nevertheless, the Czech diplomacy, through the aid of the EU, weakened the move to the point at which it became useless.
Within diplomatic circles around the world, Zapatero's Spain increasingly has become subject to feelings of distrust, and disgust "when it comes to principles that are not even coherent when defining its objectives... To be anti-American and antiwar in Iraq but pro-Chávez and warmongering in Latin America was inconceivable. To insist on bailing out Castro after almost half a century of dictatorship was inexcusable."


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There, but for the grace of Kerry's defeat, go we in the US.

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