Monday, February 14, 2005

Windsor Building, Madrid

For an American, watching the blazing inferno consume the Windsor building in Madrid was eerily similar to the scenes of 9/11. Undoubtedly everybody in Spain has already heard the news, but for those who have not, here it is.

The 31-story Windsor office building in the financial center of Madrid was completely destroyed by a fire that lasted for nearly 20 hours, finally being extinguished shortly after 8:00 PM on Sunday evening. Although the building was a landmark image of Madrid, concerns about the stability of the structure have led to a plan for demolition.

This was undoubteldy the largest fire in the city's history, with insurers estimating the loss at nearly 84.2 million Euros (at 2003 prices). Although the exact cause of the fire is not yet known, evidence has suggested faulty wiring. However, the fire was aided by the fact that the fire alarm system failed to activiate, causing a disruption in the automatic water sprinklers.


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