Friday, February 11, 2005

Spain & US, A-OK?

In a relationship that is constantly remembered for being soured by Zapatero's announcement to withdrawal from the US-led coalition last year, "The Shoemaker" stressed the friendship between the US and Spain by stating that they hold common ground despite their differences.

In a meeting today in Brussels between Condi Rice and Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos, vital issues were discussed involving the relationship, and afterward, Maratinos stated that he would travel to Washington soon to "mend ties." Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Spanish Defense Minister Jose Bono were also in attendance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, Bono and rummy were at the NATO meeting in Nice.

And don't believe for a second Moratinos spin; he lies through his teeth. Did you see the TV images (or the pictures? He was servile for the 4 minutes the conversation lasted, and Condi had a frozen face, not looking at him and when she did, it was with a look of utter disgust. It was almost painful to watch.

Moratinos simply said the 'partially established' a schedule for a meeting, as if it was something. In fact, the meeting was agreed back in december.

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