Wednesday, February 02, 2005


It's ten after four - in the A.M.! - here in Barcelona and I just finished watching the president's State of the Union live online at Yeah, I know I'm nuts. Anyway, two important observations.

One, on the Federal Marriage Amendment. I'm not too familiar with the legal issues involved, so I'm just commenting based upon my limited knowledge of the matter. I didn't expect Bush to mention it tonight, but he did, so here goes. I understand's the president's belief that marriage is between a man and woman because I share it with him. Yet, on this issue I have gone back and forth so many times because I feel the president, when he addresses this issue, totally disregards the group of people it affects the most: gays. He has never, to my knowledge, attempted to reach out publicly to the gay community and addressed their concerns. I believe most gays understand that many people in our country will always believe marriage - as human history has known it - is between a man and woman. Whether or not gays accept that fact, I do not know. I do know that I could not imagine the conflicting feelings gay people have about all this because, whether you think their sexuality is unnatural or not and whether they deserve to have their marriages recognized by the state, it is their reality and who are we to tell them otherwise?

Therefore, I just wish the president would give the gay community the attention and support he gives to other minority groups like blacks and Hispanics. A couple days before the election, Bush even said he supported civil unions for gays. Why couldn't he mention that tonight? Extend a hand. Open a door. Who knows? Of the few things I'm iffy with Bush, his approach and argument for the marriage amendment is one that irks me the most.

Two, the hug. How could you not tear up when the mother of a fallen Marine embraces an Iraqi woman who is now free because of that mother's sacrifice? This image beats anything the president said tonight. God bless Sergeant Norwood and his family.


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