Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Que tal amigo?"

After a brief exchange in Brussels, Zapatero said he hoped meetings between European leaders and President Bush marked a new chapter in transatlantic relations. "I am confident that today marks the beginning of a new phase," he told a press conference after the EU-US summit. According to the Prime Minister, Bush greeted him in Spanish asking, "Hola, que tal amigo?"
Zapatero answered, "Muy bien, y tu?"

I watched the clips of the NATO meeting and this appeared to be the extent of the conversation. If Zapatero considers this to be groundbreaking developments in Spanish-Amerian relations, he better take a course on diplomacy. I also saw Zapatero with his "crazy-eyes" creeping in the background circling Bush. Strange.

Later during the press conference, Zapatero remarked "A relation of understanding and cooperation between Europe and the United States is key for maintaining peace and security in the world... And so that those bridges are solid, there needs to be two balanced pillars on each side of the Atlantic."

If only he would demonstrate actions that appear to support his own words. Europe is one thing, Spain is undoubtedly another.


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