Monday, February 21, 2005

Herbert asks, ¨What was this war all about?¨

New York Times op-ed columnist Bob Herbert asked this question in his column today, titled ¨Iraq, Then and Now.¨ This was perhaps one of the most frustrating, and at the same, one of the most immature pieces of literature that I have ever seen grace the pages of the Times. The arguments made by Hoover, seem to have come from some of the most surface-level thinking that could have only been inspired by the ten-minute brain storming session during his trip to the office. Bob, you have reminded me of a funny T-Shirt I once saw, for today, you have proven that, you ¨...bring nothing to the table.¨

Primarly, Herbert uses arguments such as that of a counterintelligence official who states, ¨An American invasion of Iraq is already being used as a recruitment tool by Al Qaeda and other groups. And it is a very effective tool. ¨He further takes a statement out of context from C.I.A. Director Porter Goss by quoting, ´¨¨Islamic extremists are exploiting the Iraqi conflict to recruit new anti-U.S. jihadists... the war has become a cause for extremists.¨

Well gee thanks Bob, ya think? I wasn´t aware that this is the common reaction of human beings, to be enraged when they are the target of bombs, laser-guided missiles, and the most powerful army in the world (note the sarcasm). But please Bob, don´t suggest that you too, like so many others, will try and pretend to once again live on the fantasy island of pre-9/11. Certainly we can´t turn back to our stagnant policies following the end of the Cold War. We were living in a dream world, these terrorists, these immediate threats, existed when we were too blind to see them, and as they have proven, will continue to survive for the forseeable future. They were scheming, gathering strenghth, and planning to stab us while we were leading the most ¨dysmal¨ ten years of foreign policy to date, according to AEI´s David Frum.

Then you state, ¨So tell me again. What was this war about? In terms of the fight against terror, the war in Iraq has been a big loss. We've energized the enemy. We've wasted the talents of the many men and women who have fought bravely and tenaciously in Iraq. Thousands upon thousands of American men and women have lost arms or legs, or been paralyzed or blinded or horribly burned or killed in this ill-advised war. A wiser administration would have avoided that carnage and marshaled instead a more robust effort against Al Qaeda, which remains a deadly threat to America.¨

I am shocked and awed. I could go on much further but to do so would simply be a waste of my time, and besides I have to go to my history class. So I am putting the article out for all bloggers to read and analyze. There is no doubt in my mind that a columnist for the New York Times should be able to produce more intelligent writing than this, or at least something more original than what I am already capable of reading on millions of anti-war blogs and propaganda websites.


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