Monday, February 07, 2005

"Forgive Russia. Ignore Germany. Punish France."

Is it all in the past?

The increasingly awkward relationship between the United States and France resembles a Young and the Restless episode more than that of a discourse between two of the world's foremost international players. However, in the dramatic series of ups and downs that have marked the discourse between Chirac's France and the Bush administration, there is yet another twist in the road. In regards to Condi's power statement when made as National Security Advisor, Mr. Barnier, the French foreign minister recently stated that, "The situation has changed... What's important now is neither to punish nor to give lessons. My line is to look ahead." Nevertheless, now that Rice has become the primary American diplomat, the tides may be turning. Check out the New York Times article for more in-depth information regarding the dynamic Franco-American relationship and the involvement of C. Rice.


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